Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines day! Its a funny old holiday isnt it, some love love love it and others despise it. Me, I am happy to celebrate it, any excuse to ask for wine and chocolate works for me!

Valentines has become very commercialised, it is making a lot of people a whole lot of money, but does celebrating love have to be expensive?

I know that when our incomes were smaller, we would celebrate Valentines with a meal in, a romantic walk, waiting until it was after Valentines then going for a meal so the costs are kept down. This year, we aren’t doing cards, but we are doing gifts- hubby is getting an Amazon voucher to go towards a new game and I will be getting chocolate and wine- my favourite combo!

I guess, like every other holiday or celebration, the main thing is to only spend what you can afford. Look to do free things if you haven’t got the money, date night in the house watching a film borrowed from a friend, games night with board games, a romantic walk somewhere, a picnic with items from the fridge. I am definately guilty of spending money for the sake of spending at times so this is a good reminder for me! Mostly, it is to remember that the point of today is about showing love to the person you love, not how much you can buy or spend on them!

Author: aimingforthegoodlife

I am a 32 year old who is trying to find the balance, of only living once, and not wanting to be in debt forever! I do struggle with materialism, and love holidays and adventuring! This blog will be a bit money saving here, spendy spendy there I think! Looking for the perfect balance!

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