Florida Round Up!

We got off to a good start, our hotel, the Radisson was very close to the terminals, with a covered walk way. After a good nights sleep- well, excited wakey nights sleep- we wandered off to find the correct terminal. No problems at all, except the flat escalators weren’t all working and I am a grump in the mornings! Just as we arrived at the terminal, we looked up to see my family and the others coming with us stepping off the taxi! Perfect timing! We checked our luggage in with minimal queuing and went off to the lounge. We drank fizzy wine and ate some yummy food, did some duty free shopping- I just bought toblerone! Then headed onto the plane with plenty of time to spare. The pilot announed we might even set off early! Ultimately, we ended up leaving nearly an hour late. Talk about frustrating and numb bummy when the flight was already over 9 hours long!

Flight was pleasantly uneventful, we paid £12 to get the enhanced entertainment and enjoyed lots of films, food and drinks. I also love watching the planes progress on the sky map, would love it if you could zoom in and have a good nosy though!haha.

Once in Orlando, it took an absolute age to get through customs, then the bags were delayed, must have taken two hours to finally head to pick up the car. It was a bit of a faff, it was a 12 seater which was great, except we all had huge suitcases, cue me getting very frustrated and feeling fat when I was trying to squish in the chairs!! After all that, we headed out of the airport and headed on our way! There was more fuss when trying to get the room keys, the car was hot, full of people and luggage and we were all getting quite cranky by this point! When we finally got to our apartment, it was so worth the wait, the master bedroom was amazing- we bagsied as paid extra and we’re super old compared to my sister and her boyf! The balcony was fab, the ensuite amazing, the whole place was great. And the air con was so appreciated after the heat outside! That night we wandered over to the clubhouse for food, which was ok, not a lot of choice anywhere we went for non-meat eaters though if I am honest!

Day 2- We went to the local Walmart, which was huge and as crazy as I hoped, no guns here though! We bought unicorn cake ice cream- this had purple glitter in it- and my favourite wine was less than 10$ for a litre! We left the family all relaxing by the pool after this and headed over to International Drive, Icon Park. Hubby was amazing driving in the USA for the first time in a small tank! It was a super hot day, we went to the Orlando Eye and Sea Quarium, this is something we like to do when there is a local one! The 365degree glass tunnel was very impressive! We drank frozen slushies and tried not melt as we wandered around. After that, we headed back to the apartment and went out for a late tea with everyone!

Perfect reverse parking in this beast! Kudos hubby!

Day3- After some drama the night before trying to organise everyone, we all went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. We were the only ones in the group to have pre bought tickets, they all bought one dayers and met us inside, at a much higher rate than we had gotten. We had a great time, hubby isnt a massive fan of rides so we went on whatever he felt he could manage. Very much enjoyed the fabulousness of the themed areas, Springfield and New York were great! We rode the Hogwarts express over to Islands of Adventure, queued a ridiculous amount of time for Hagrids Motorbike Adventure, which was great and enjoyed Hogsmeade before carrying on! I did purchase the Elder Wand and we had fun trying out the magic, though I am not a natural! It was a super busy day for us. The first couple of weeks in September seemed like a perfect time, apart from Hagrid, there were 10minute queues for pretty much all the other rides! Was a lovely way to spend the day with everyone before heading back, and having another late tea out!

Quick snapshot, Hogwarts Castle, Patrick Starr! Chocolate Emporium and Gringotts!

Day 4- Hubby, myself, sister and her boyf all headed off in the morning for Volcano Bay, it was amazing! Loved the whole theme and they way it is all put together. We shared a locker and could all open it separately with our Tapu Tapus which was really useful when we went our separate ways! I enjoyed some cocktails and a wonderful vegan burger here, so much appreciated that I could enjoy no fish for once! We came for opening and stayed until closing. Hubby was brave and did one of the drop slides, he was still shaking when he came to find me after! The wave pool and both the lazy and fast rivers were brilliant. We did have to evacuate a couple of times due to possible lightening strikes, but everything was fine! Felt rejuvinating after such a busy day the day before!

Such an amazing place! Loved Volcano Bay and all the details that went into making this fab water park!

Day 5- Pretty calm day, spending time at the pool before heading over to Old Town for the American muscle Car show. What a fab town, so much fun, nice shops and a lovely pub for a drink. Live music was playing, and best of all, loads of amazing cars! We enjoyed our evening here, then popped to IHOP for a late tea and a couple of giant gift stores for a mooch!

Day 6- We got the shuttle over to Universal and Islands, we popped to the Chocolate Emporium, such an incredible steampunk based cafe/restaurant. I got a birthday cake freakshake which was delicious! We took a much slower route around both parks, taking lots of pictures and noticing a lot more than the first time round! We got the Hogwarts express back to Universal so got to enjoy it both ways and I played with my wand again, very fun! It was very hot and we were getting tired after spending the day mooching and nosing so headed back to the complex, not realising how far it was, so the taxi cost $50, ouch! Lovely driver though.

The simpsons donut! So gooood!

Day 7- I accidently enjoyed too many buckets of cocktails at the pool, got room service, had a 15minute nap before my little sister came to wake me as I needed to get ready for Halloween Horror Nights! Quick shower, sister braided my hair, lots of water and we headed out! Everyone had some food when we arrived, but I couldnt face it! Honestly, I think this was my favourite thing about the whole trip! My stepbrother, his girlfriend, Auntie Netty, hubby and I were the only ones brave enough to go, perfect group to go with! We headed straight for Ghostbusters, it had one of the longest queue times and I couldn’t see it getting any shorter! It was great, the scare zones were fabulous. We went into Ghostbusters, Stranger things 2&3, The Yeti, Monsters, US and Killer Klowns from Outer Space- my goodness how amazing, so much effort and perfect timing! Think US and Yeti were my favourites, found Stranger Things too stroby with the lights and they were rushing us through! We left at 1am in the morning, I was still hungover and tired but wished we could have done more houses! We didn’t get time to use our free night which was such a shame, I think House of a 1000 Corpses would have been amazing. Lots of queueing, which was to be expected.

Some shots from Halloween Horror Nights, and one from the daytime in Universal! Couldn’t get pictures to do the night justice!

Day 8- So very late to bed, very early to rise! Hubby, sister, her boyf, stepbrothers gf and I had all decided that we wanted to go to Animal Kingdom as well as Hollywood Studios! So the day before, we bought Disney Park Hopper for the day, this was not cheap, but totally worth it! We headed straight to Pandora, this was so beautiful! We didn’t go on Flights of passage though my sister said it was the best ride ever! We did go on the river which was just so pretty and fascinating! We pottered around, went on Safari walked through exhibits and had lunch in the park before getting the bus over to Magic Kingdom. We literally had time to take some pictures, rush over to the castle to get the iconic picture before we had to get over to Hollywood Studios as we had lightsabers to build! Did I mention that it was the hottest day of the entire holiday so far? I was very moany and tired by this point in the day, and the bus to transfer us seemed to take forever to come. We made it to Hollywood Studios and met up with the rest of the crew. We spent quite a lot of time in Galaxys Edge, hubby built his own lightsaber- expensive, but a fantastic thing to do! My stepbrother also built one, they were both very excited! The attention to detail was just unbelievable! We then had a potter around the whole park, to be honest, we were just so hot by this point, that when my stepdad came to pick us up at 6.30pm, we were glad to get home! Though on reflection, I wish we had at least pottered over to Epcot, or hung out somewhere until the fireworks came on! Got uber eats for tea that night!

Quite literally ran in here for this picture! Magic Kingdom!
The lightsaber!

Day 9- We had a lovely day in the apartment and by the pool just relaxing and recharging, lots of badly played volleyball went on!

Day 10- We went to NASA! I will be totally honest, I wasn’t sure I would be that bothered, I am not spacey, but hubby is spacey and has always wanted to go! I was very surprised at how interesting it all was, I was really gripped. We also saw an Alligator which was my best bit! It was a hot but very valuable day out, I would recommend NASA as a must do! We went out to a cheap pizza place called Cici’s for tea, where I had found a discount card for buy one get on free on unlimited pizza buffet, best tea of the trip and it only cost $8 for both of us!haha. I am a cheapskate and honestly, I think our food bill would have been a lot less if it was just the two of us!

Day 11- Another pool day, with tea at the clubhouse for our final night together!

Day 12- We travelled home, plane left on time, Thomas Cook staff were great and the only hold up was collecting our car from the hotel as someone who had the keys wasn’t there- annoying when you just want to go home and sleep!

Hope this may be of some interest to anyone who has been or is thinking of going!

Author: aimingforthegoodlife

I am a 32 year old who is trying to find the balance, of only living once, and not wanting to be in debt forever! I do struggle with materialism, and love holidays and adventuring! This blog will be a bit money saving here, spendy spendy there I think! Looking for the perfect balance!

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