Ah, that strange time between Christmas and New Years, the world is all a bit lost, food and alcohol is still abundant and the pandemic life is still going strong, adding to all the confusion. I have been debating whether to keep the blog going as I am super flaky, but I really enjoy sharing all the thoughts in my head. I have signed up to the frugalwoods frugal January again, so will use this platform to explore the challenge. I will also do a review of the year, look at debt, look at whats coming up and review the mortgage, we hit a lovely milestone of getting into the next bracket! I worked Christmas day, but had a lovely Boxing day and will be working New Years Eve and New Years Day, extra moolah which will come in handy as I have been overzealous with holidays next year, oops!

It has continued to be a very strange year, I have been vaccinated and boosted, had Covid last Jan, have been hit by more infections in one year than in the last ten years combined, including a nasty throat infection (I was fine with covid, just a mild cold basically which was good). Hubby has been promoted and has done a little side work where his passions lie, so I am hopeful that this may lead to something. He didn’t catch covid so is super human, and is now vaccinated, awaiting his booster.

I adopted two guinea pigs in Oct, Frank and Pumpkin, they are skittish and loving life in their new palace, they are staying in the stable until Spring when we will then move them into the field where they can have lots of green space and it won’t be as cold by then! We now only have two chickens, Abernathy and Ruby, after losing the others this year, and the dogs are awesome as always! Lady is definitely seeming more old these days, but generally they are doing well.

My laptop broke a few months back and I have been trying to see if I could live without it, but I can’t, so I am now on the new laptop, which was a bargain in the sales at £190! I love having a laptop again!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Author: aimingforthegoodlife

I am a 34 year old who is trying to find the balance, of only living once, and not wanting to be in debt forever! I do struggle with materialism, and love holidays and adventuring! This blog will be a bit money saving here, spendy spendy there I think! Looking for the perfect balance!

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